Motion / Interactive Designer

Kenny Elshoff

Hello, my name is Kenny and I love to design in motion. I am a critical thinker, problem solver, question asker, timelapse guru, creative coder, hackintosh nerd, semi-pro snowboarder and all around good person. I enjoy pushing myself find and to figure out new ways to solve problems. Take a peek at my resumé


Branding project

Shinola came to the College for Creative Studies to partner with the Graphic Design department for a sponsored project. The project was define an identity for Shinola that embodied the idea of Detroit craftsmanship and hard work.

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EA Robinson

Portrait in Time

Based on the poem Richard Corey by EA Robinson, this motion piece aims to tell the story through video and motion graphics. The typographic treatment and color grading directly correlate to the mood of the poem.

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RomeSDS Branding

Brand Identity Guidelines

Digital identity redesign for the snowboarding company Rome Snowboards. The goal was to rethink and question every element of the "traditional" identity and investigate new functions and codes for a digital identity system. Consisting of two parts, the identity itself as well as the brand guidelines and interactive applications.

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Speak Easy

Title Sequence

A fictional title sequence based on a mashup of already existing show concepts.

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Let's Talk Detroit

Motion / Interactive

A collaborative project where we interviewed seven different restaurants in Detroit and they told us why they love being there. Some shared how to stay successful, why Detroit is so great for business and what they love about being in the community. From that, we have created a website that will showcase a few of the many hot spots in Detroit.

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826 New Orleans

Branding / Identity

Based upon the non-profit organization 826 National, 826 New Orleans specializes in goods to get rid of every annoyance in your life.

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Compuware Process

Intra company website

A guide designed for developers at Compuware so they can follow the design thinking process and a database integrated so they can come back to previous profiles

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